Break Through The Bullets
Break Through The Bullets

Children deserve safety. She got violence.

Family Statement: NAACP Press Conference March 25th, 2017
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Our child is an beautiful artist and excellent student. She's a dual-enrollee in high school and community college. She's passionate about culture, linguistics and art. She is the first to find the goodness in others. She is kind, loving and devoted to doing the right thing. She is excited to continue her education at university to pursue international law so she can help people rise above their differences to solve problems together. Before last week, she would have told you she liked the police. She's even called on them to assist a friend or neighbor in trouble. But last week that all changed.


On February 14th, our dear child was shot and nearly killed by police. She was sad and crying. She just wanted to sit in her car and work through her anxiety attack. But the officers broke the window of her car, pulled her through it, tazed then shot her multiple times. They were rough with her. We are so blessed that she is out of critical care, but we are heartbroken. She is so shocked, confused and hurt. And what this means for her life, her sense of self and her family is a big scary unknown.


The police have suggested that she was dangerous or trying to harm them. She was not. She was just being a normal kid, having a hard day. She didn't deserve this. This could have been avoided. This could have been de-escalated. She could have been supported and taken to her home and mother just blocks away. But instead, she was traumatized. 


Our family is united in the support and love of our baby. We are doing everything we can to care of her. For now, that means a safe place to recover away from the scene, support with medical bills, excellent rehab and mental healthcare and time with her family. If you can find love, prayers or resources to send her way, we are grateful